CLC, Fong Shu Chuen Building, CUHK

With 55 years experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language, CLC is the only university unit in Hong Kong offering award-bearing Chinese language programmes to both native and non-native speakers.

Our students come from over 70 countries, with a wide age range, occupational and cultural background. Though with a diversified background, all have a same goal is to learn Chinese language with a purpose.




To enhance the Chinese language proficiency of students for communication in daily living and for professional purposes; to bring them to the freedom of communicating with correct and appropriate Cantonese through speaking practice.

Well-qualified and trained instructors from CUHK.

Our Teachers  

CLC was recommended to me by my PhD supervisor who himself is a CLC graduate. He said, “you’ll have to study hard but don’t worry - the staff are amazing”. True words! I especially like the fact that I now have friendships with fellow students (Korean, American and Japanese) and that our sole language of communication is Mandarin. 

Jacqueline Elfick, from Holland




Nakano Eriko, from Japan


In Hong Kong, the majority of people prefer to speak Cantonese. When I moved here, I chose to study Cantonese because it seemed like the best choice for getting to know the people and the city. 

Nathalle from US