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Cantonese immersion programme "Hong Kong PRINCH" is now opened for enrolment. Programme date: 18 September to 4 December 2019 (reports on Wednesday morning). Check it out here.

Beijing PRINCH (Putonghua language and culture immersion programme) for local CUHK students is now opened for enrolment. Programme funded by the Ministry of Education in China. Programme date: 14-27 May 2019 (14 days). Download brochures and application forms.

For learners in Chinese as a foreign/ second language, Dali of Yunnan Province has been selected for PRINCH, the total immersion programme. Click here to download the brochure version you preferred. Interested students please join the information session.


Information session: 12:30-1:20p.m., 22 February 2019 (Friday). Venue: Fong Yun Wah Hall (snacks provided). Press here to register

Cantonese Hong Kong PRINCH 2018 is now opened for enrolment. Programme date: 19 September to 5 December 2018 (reports on Wednesday morning). Click here to download brochure and view video.

Beijing PRINCH for Chinese as a foreign/ second language learners. Date: 14-27 May 2018 (14 days). Open to CUHK local students and all intermediate and advanced learners of Chinese as a foreign/ second language. Download brochures and application forms.

Information session: 12:30-1:20p.m., 23 February 2018 (Friday). Venue: Fong Yun Wah Hall (snacks provided). Press here to register

Hong Kong Cantonese PRINCH 2017 is now opened for enrolment. Programme date: September 20 to December 6 (Reports on Wednesday morning). See videoDownload brochureSee Poster.

Yantai PRINCH is now opened to local people whose first language is Cantonese. Chinese as a foreign/ second learners are welcomed to join Yantai PRINCH. Yantai PRINCH daily schedule and prospective visit sites updated. Application deadline: 10 March 2017. Click here for programme brochure. 

Beijing PRINCH funded by Ministry of Education, China, quota has been increased from 15 to 21. All the 21 places are full. Thank you for your support. Any more local students who wish to join PRINCH can consider Yantai PRINCH.

PRINCH 2017 Information Session was held successfully. More than 60 students joined the session. Thank you for your support especially those who traveled all the way to Shatin! Click here to view information session presentation content.

Beijing PRINCH for CUHK local students: 15 to 28 May 2017 (14 days) 
Yantai PRINCH for Chinese as a foreign/ second language learners: 16 to 28 May 2017 (13 days)

Click here to download brochures and application sets.

Information Session: 24 February 2017 (Friday) 12:30-1:20p.m.
Fong Yun Wah Hall (light refreshment will be served). Click here to register.
Click here to view 2017 poster.

CLC will collaborate with Ludong University to hold the China PRINCH 2017 in Yantai, China. We are exploring one more location to organize another PRINCH. More details will be announced at a later stage, stay tuned! See latest poster. 

Hong Kong Cantonese PRINCH 2016 is now opened for enrolment. Programme date: September 21 to December 7 (Reports on Wednesday morning). See videoDownload brochure.

29-May 2016
Welcome back the 34 Beijing PRINCH participants. See photos here.

2016 PRINCH in Beijing. 14 days intensive language and culture immersion with 7 themes. Give yourself a boost in Chinese(Putonghua) level! Date: May 16 to 29. Information session: February 26, 12:30-1:20p.m. at Fong Yun Wah Hall. Download programme brochure.

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