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CHAN Kin Wing, Kevin (陳健榮)
Instructor (CES, Cantonese)
Telephone: 3943 6727
Office: TO102, Fong Shu Chuen Building
Email: kevinchan@cuhk.edu.hk

CHAN Kin Wing, Kevin (陳健榮) Instructor (CES, Cantonese)


PhD The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2020

MPhil (HKUST) – 2010
Major: Linguistics
Thesis title: Coordinative Conjunctions in Chinese
Dialects: A Typological Study


BSc (HKUST) – 2005

Major: Economics and Finance
Minor: Humanities

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Lecturer, Cantonese Programme Division, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre (AUG 2010 – Present)

  • Student Affair Coordinator, Cantonese Program Division, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre (SEP 2011 – AUG 2012)

Research Interest

Linguistic typology; Chinese linguistics; Chinese dialectology; Language Pedagogy

Representative Publications

  • “漢語方言介連詞『兩個』的產生” [The genesis of the comitative preposition / coordinating conjunction liangge in Chinese dialects]. 當代語言學 [Contemporary Linguistics] 1 (2020) 17-48.

  • “論並列連詞語法化的條件” [On the condition for the grammaticalization of coordinating conjunctions]. 當代語言學 [Contemporary Linguistics] 1 (2018) 40-60.

  • “粵語二語學習遇上電子資源” [When Cantonese CSL meets E-resources: a case analysis]. In《語言學與華語二語教學:語言習得與語料庫的建設和使用》[Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Language acquisition and the construction and usage of corpora] ed. by Hu Xiaoqing, Li Chunpu, and Wu Weiping, 199-213. Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2018.

  • “粵語二語學生直示詞偏誤分析” [An error analysis of time deixis of Cantonese L2 students]. In《語言學與華語二語教學:教材與教學法》[Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: teaching material and method] ed. by Wu Yongyi, Li Chunpi, and Wu Weiping, 141-150. Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2016.

  • “二語教學與語言學研究的雙向模式” [The bi-directional modal between second language teaching and linguistics research]. In《語言學與華語二語教學: 教學理論與創新實踐》[Linguistics and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: theories and innovations in pedagogy] ed. by Xie Chunling, Wu Yinghui, and Wu Weiping, 128-141. Hong Kong: Commercial Press, 2015.

  • “對外粵語教學與粵語語言學的互動: 以量詞的語法限制為例” [The grammatical constraints on classifiers: The example of the interaction between teaching Cantonese as a foreign language and Cantonese linguistics]. In《第十八屆國際粵方言研討會論文集》[Selected Papers from the 18th International Conference on Cantonese and Other Yue Dialects], ed. by Sun Jingtao and Yiu Yuk-Man. 100-112. Guangzhou: Jinan University, 2015.

  • “論漢語『見』的語法化現象” [On the grammaticalization of jian in Chinese]. 現代語言學 [Modern Linguistics] 2.1 (2014) 1-6.

  • “論『見』在香港粵語中的詞彙引伸及語法化” [On the lexical extension and grammaticalization of kin33 in Hong Kong Yue]. In《粵語跨學科研究:第十三屆國際粵方言研討會論文集》[Multi-disciplinary Approaches to Cantonese Studies: Papers from the 13th International Conference on Cantonese and Yue Dialects] ed. by C. Chin, B. C. Kwok, P. L. Lee, and K. Tsou. 319-338. City University of Hong Kong: Language Information Science Research Centre, 2009.

  • “論香港粵語介詞/連詞 +『埋』的形態” [On the “prepositions / conjunctions + mai21” in the Yue dialect of Hong Kong]. 中國語文研究 [Studies in Chinese Linguistics] 2 (2008) 59-72.