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Name: CHANG, Kwun Hung Jonathan (張冠雄)
Title: Lecturer (CES Cantonese Division Head)
Telephone: 3943 5916
Office: CS103, Fong Shu Chuen Building
Email: khchang@cuhk.edu.hk
College Affiliation: New Asia College


Academic Qualifications

  1. Doctoral candidate in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Faculty of Education, CUHK

  2. M.Phil. (CUHK) in Philosophy

  3. M.A. (CUHK) in Japanese Studies

  4. P.G.D.E. (CUHK) in Chinese Language

  5. B.A. (CUHK) with First Class Honours (major in Philosophy, minor in Chinese Language and Literature)

Teaching Experience


Teaching Cantonese to exchange students, non-local Chinese students, non-Chinese students, international undergraduate and non-local postgraduate students


2001-2010; 2017-present

Teaching adult learners studying in diploma programmes registered in the Qualifications Framework in Hong Kong



Teaching non-credit bearing programme for non-local students

Administration Experience


Division Head, University Programme Section (Cantonese)

Employment in CUHK


Lecturer, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK



Instructor I, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK



Instructor II, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK



Part-time Instructor, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, CUHK



Resident Tutor, Grace Tien Hall, New Asia College


  1. ​Outstanding Teaching Award, Faculty of Arts, 2015

  2. Exemplary Teacher Awards, Yale-China Chinese Language Centre, 2006, 2012, and 2015

Relevant Professional Activities

2021 Warden, Non-residential Hall, New Asia College

2018-2019 Chairman, New Asia College Staff Association

2018-2020 Committee member, Committee on College Culture

2017-present Committee member, Editorial committee on New Asia Life Monthly

2016-present Vice Chairman, Alumni Association of Japanese Studies, CUHK

2015-present Committee member, Committee on Language and Culture

2011-present Mentor, Mentorship Programme

2007-present Speaker and organizer, “Cantonese Evenings” and “Putonghua Evenings” for non-local students

2018-2019 Speaker, Cantonese Workshop for postgraduate non-local students, Business School, CUHK

2013-2017 Speaker, Survival Cantonese Workshop for CUHK exchange students, organized by Office of Academic Links, CUHK

2009-2013 Adjudicator for the first round, CUHK Speech Contest

Selected Publications

2020 《內在的自由 ─新亞校園生活今昔剪影》。香港: 商務印書館。

2017 《廣州話普通話圖文對照手冊》。香港: 商務印書館。

2013 「 電腦化口語水平測試(COPA)與粵語課程設計」。CLC Language Matters No. 37@Autumn 2013。

2009 「港式詞彙對日本人學習粵語帶來的影響和啟示 」。吳偉平、李兆麟(2009),《語言學與華語二語教學》, 頁 187-194。

2007 「教師園地: 兩岸三地的電腦術語」。CLC Language Matters No. 20@Autumn 2007。 2006 「教師園地: 困擾外地人的英譯拼音」。CLC Language Matters No. 17@Autumn 2006。

2005 「教師園地: 淺談廣東話字典」。CLC Language Matters No. 11@Spring 2005。

Language Textbook

2018 Editor, Cantonese in Communication Listening and Speaking (Book 2). Hong Kong: The Commercial Press (H.K.) Ltd.

Research Reports

2017 Report on Summer Bridging Programme for NCS students 2017. (in Chinese). Education Bureau, Government of the HKSAR.

2016 Report on Summer Bridging Programme for NCS students 2016. (in Chinese). Education Bureau, Government of the HKSAR.