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Chinese Language (Putonghua) as a Second Language
Study Scheme

(Applicable to students admitted in 2022-23 and thereafter)


Students are required to complete a minimum of 21 units of courses as follows, with at least 2 courses at 3000 or above level:


For Linguistics courses, please refer to the Course list of major programme in Linguistics.

Explanatory Notes:

  1. This Minor Programme is not for students whose native language is Cantonese/Putonghua. Students planning to minor in this Programme should take the Putonghua placement tests offered by the Yale-China Chinese Language Centre. Declaration of this Minor Programme is subject to approval of the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages.

  2. Depending on their proficiency in Putonghua, students may be asked to take advanced level courses to substitute for the courses at the 2000 level to fulfill the Minor Programme requirement. They should seek advice from the Yale-China Chinese Language Centre for the substitute courses for them to take.

  3. All CLCP courses taken to fulfill this Minor programme requirement cannot be counted towards the fulfillment of the University Core Requirements.

Minor Programmes

University Programme Section General Office
LG09, K. K. Leung Building, CUHK

Telephone: 3943-8224


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