Name: LI Yun

Title: Senior Lecture (Putonghua)

Telephone: 3943 5912



1999.9-2002.6  MA in Chinese Literature, Capital Normal University , Beijing. 

1990.9-1994.6  BA in Economics, The Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing.

Professional Experience

2012.8-2016.8, Head Teacher, Cornell CAPS (China and Asia-Pacific Studies) Office at Peking University, Beijing.

2016.6-2016.8, 2015.6-2015.8, 2014.6-2014.8, Resident Director and Course Head, Harvard Beijing Academy (HBA), Beijing.

2013.6-2013.8, 2012.6-2012.8, Course Head, HBA, Beijing.

2010.8-2012.5, 2007.8-2008.5, Instructor in Chinese, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University, Cambridge.

2008.6-2010.6, Teaching Director, Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Studies (IUP)  at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

2004.6-2007.6, Instructor in Chinese, IUP


  1. The textbook for Chinese 4455: Directed Study, Cornell CAPS-Peking University, 2014

  2. Challenges Facing Overseas Programs: Teacher Training, Curriculum Design, Program Management, CLTA 2013

  3. For High-advanced Learners: Materials and Practice/《針對“超高級”水準學生的教材編寫》, CLTA 2011

  4. The textbook of 《民國時期文學作品選讀》 for IUP, 2009

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