Cantonese part-time programmes


A wise choice for busy professionals to learn Chinese language progressively.

These programmes were first launched in 2007 with less than 30 students in CUHK. They have then flourished to attract more than 250 students per school term to study in different locations. They are less intensive and possess a longer duration than the full-time programmes to achieve a similar level of proficiency.

Weekday evening new class in January, April, July and October.

Saturday class in January, May and September.

Course load: 2 to 3 sessions a day, 1 to 2 days per week, 40 sessions per quarter, lessons on weekday evenings or weekend daytime.

Class location: CUHK Shatin campus.

Foundation Certificate Programme in Chinese (Cantonese) for Non-Chinese Speakers


Part-time Mode: 4 - 12 months. Minimum 80 study hours.


Expected learning outcome: 

For elementary entrants: 

Able to ask and respond to simple questions, convey minimal meaning and satisfy a very limited number of immediate needs.

For intermediate entrants: 

Able to participate in simple conversations on predictable topics, obtain information by asking and answering questions, combine learned materials to communicate personal meanings, can satisfy basic personal needs and social demands.

Award Requirements:

  • Completion of any two modules from CP2101 to CP2106.

  • Minimum attendance rate of 70% in each module.

  • Satisfactory assessment in each module.




兼讀形式: 六至九個月(兩個學期),最少八十課時。






兼讀形式: 約一年半(五個學期 ),最少二百課時。



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