CLC - Student Activities

Student Activities

Our language courses place great emphasis on continuous learning outside of the classroom. Taking the day-time intensive courses as an example, while most of our students have three hours of class a day on weekdays, they also actively participate in various extracurricular studies and activities. We regularly organise large-scale outdoor activities, including happy lunch hours, spring evenings and autumn trips. In addition, we have other language and cultural activities that cover all facets of the community for students to join. Among the various activities, sharing sessions at local schools are particularly popular among our students. Hence, every spring, we make our best efforts to arrange small-scale visits for our students to enter the classrooms of primary schools to introduce the customs of their country and share their learning experience to the schoolchildren.

Furthermore, in order to increase the opportunities for communication between our students and local students, we actively participate in the language activities of various Colleges at CUHK. Among them, we have the most frequent cooperation with New Asia College. Every semester, we regularly hold “Putonghua Evenings” and “Cantonese Evenings” with dialogues focusing on daily life. Additionally, thanks to CUHK and the Government’s support, we have been able to lead students to explore the community every year, not only for language learning, but also for social services, such as visits to charities, churches, nursing homes, and so on. Moreover, we travel outside of Hong Kong and spend weekends in Macau and Guangdong Province together to allow students from all over the world to have a deeper understanding of the greater Cantonese-speaking society, establishing cross-regional friendships.